Driving in Hawaii is unlike any other state which is why its important to understand the unique rules of the road of the Aloha state.  Fortunately, the Department of Transportation routinely publishes the Hawaii Driver’s Manual, one of the most comprehensive guides to getting your license and driving in the state.  Hawaiians can find vital information on licensing, traffic laws, road signs, and state traffic laws to help you not only prepare for the Hawaii permit test but also to ensure you are a safe and responsible driver.

The Hawaii Driver’s Manual is published by the Director of Transportation (DOT) and covers the following topics.

  • Licensing of Drivers – exemption, classes, drivers license, examinations, minors
  • Vehicle Equipment – required and illegal equipment, safety inspection,
  • Registration and Ownership Documents – first registration, renewals, new and used vehicles
  • The driver – emotions, medical conditions, age, and accidents
  • Traffic Laws – signs and markings, speed restrictions, parking, tow-away zones
  • Accident Procedures – help injured, warn passing traffic, exchange information
  • Safety Responsibility Law – insurance law
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Safe Driving Techniques – laziness, impatience, inattention, ignorance

While using the Hawaii Driver’s Handbook is an important first step, it is recommended you test your knowledge with our Hawaii permit practice tests.  Our practice tests have been carefully designed to work in tandem with the manual and simulate the real test.