The Maine Driver Manual is published by the Maine Department of Motor Vehicle Services and covers the following topics.

  • License to Driver – fee schedule, how to apply, examinations
  • Signs, Signals and Markers – prohibitive signs, regulatory signs, warning signs
  • Rules of the Road – speed, lanes, yielding, passing, stopping
  • Defensive Driving – intersections, driver’s view, communication, freeway driving
  • Sharing the Road – pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, RVs, trucks and buses
  • Driver Safety – alcohol, crashes, traffic violations

How will I know if I will pass the Maine Written Exam?

There’s an easy way to find out if you’ll pass the Maine Written Drivers Exam and start driving or if you have to ask your friends to chauffeur you around for a few more weeks. It starts with our comprehensive Maine DMV Practice Tests. Because our practice tests simulate the official written driving exam, you’ll know within minutes just how well you’ll do. Pass, and you’re ready to take pass the test. And if you fail the practice tests, it simply means you need to study a little more.

Before taking our practice tests, we strongly advise that you thoroughly review the material found within the Maine Drivers Manual. When you know the information well, use our practice tests to ensure you’re ready to pass and start driving.