The Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook is published by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and covers the following topics.

  • Driver License – requirements, instruction permit, probationary license
  • Before You Drive – check vehicle, adjust seat and mirrors, safety belts, and child restraints
  • Signals and Signs – traffic signs and signals, railroad crossing, pavement markings
  • Safe Driving Tips – starting, accelerating, steering
  • Cushion of Space – ahead, behind, side, merge, pass
  • Drinking and Driving – alcohol content, Wisconsin’s alcohol laws
  • Emergencies – brake failure, tire blowout, power failure, skidding

The purpose of this manual is to help educate the user on the rules of the road including Wisconsin state laws and administrative rules. The manual is an essential resource when preparing for the Wisconsin permit test. Combine the manual with our Wisconsin permit practice tests to give yourself the best possible chance of success on test day.