About Us


We are PermitTest.com

Creating Safer Drivers


PermitTest.com provides permit test preparation and educational resources for all 50 states.  Our goal is to create the very best collection of study tools focused on helping students become safer and more knowledgeable drivers.  While the path towards a driver’s license can be a challenge, the reward of mobility and freedom that comes from being a licensed driver is worth the effort.

We take pride in being industry leaders in the eLearning and Drivers Education space.

Helping People Succeed


Our small team of educators and developers work together to make educational resources more accessible.  Hundreds of thousands of students have used our study tools to become better drivers, launch careers, and gain employment.

Through the use of emerging technology, we’ve designed study tools that keep students engaged and focused.  We believe that eLearning is an effective alternative to traditional classroom instruction.