The Minnesota Driver’s Manual is published by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division and covers the following topics.

  • License to Drive – documentation, knowledge test, vision screening, road test, fees
  • Your Vehicle – equipment requirements, fuel-efficient techniques
  • Traffic Laws – speed limits, signaling, changing lanes, turning, passing, parking
  • Sharing the Road – stopping, school bus, right of way, emergency vehicles, pedestrians
  • Signs, Signals, and Markings – sign colors, shapes, regulatory signs, warning signs
  • Driving Conditions – three-second rule, stopping distance, night driving, weather

How can I ensure that I pass the Minnesota Written Exam?

While the handbook is a great place to begin preparing for the written exam, it’s not a complete solution. They say practice makes perfect, and that means taking advantage of the practice tests available on this site. Our Minnesota DVS Practice Tests are designed to help you quickly and easily determine if you have the knowledge to pass the official test. Our practice tests provide many of the same types of questions you’ll find on the real Minnesota written drivers test.

So why delay? Get prepared now, and you’ll quickly develop the confidence you need to pass and start driving.