The handbook provides essential information on the rules of the road, traffic laws, and road signs. The South Dakota Driver’s License Manual is published by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and covers the following topics.

  • Driver License – examination, renewal, suspensions
  • Before You Drive – check the vehicle, windshields and windows, seat and mirrors
  • Rules of the Road – traffic controls, signals, and signs, general rules, right-of-way
  • Safe Driving Tips – visibility, communication, traffic, sharing space
  • Sharing the Road – backing up, passing, blind spots, merging
  • In Shape to Drive – vision and hearing, drinking and driving, fatigue, health
  • Emergencies – brakes, tire failure, avoiding collisions, skids, crashes

The handbook is an excellent resource if you are preparing for the South Dakota permit test but don’t forget to test your newly acquired knowledge with our South Dakota permit practice tests.  Each practice test is designed to simulate the real exam and give your best possible chance of success on test day.